2009 Climb of Hope Everest Expedition

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

In 2009, The Patchwork of Miracles was a world record breaking banner that went to the top of Mount Everest. The idea asked people and companies to buy a block on the banner to help raise awareness for cancer-related causes.


"I asked for help, and hundreds of people raised their hands to push me and this project to the summit. On 23 May 2009, we made history. But we also proved that no mountain is too big when people join together." - Robby Kojetin

The idea was simple. Sell pieces of 'advertising space' on the biggest summit flag to ever go tot he top of Everest. After a radio interview with David O'Sullivan on 702 Talk Radio, I received 2 calls from listeners who has heard my story and wanted to get involved.

One call was from Tanya Bennetts, then at Roche Pharmaceuticals, asking if I would like to partner with them to amplify a lymphoma awareness campaign. The second was from Ulrich Fobian of Nedbank Corporate Business Banking, wanting to partner up for an internal employee engagement programme.

The results?

  • 3 National Roadshows for Nedbank to every major centre in South Africa, before and after the Everest trip.

  • 1 Nationwide Roadshow for Roche sharing our Everest story and educating thousands of South Africans on the early symptoms of Lymphoma.

  • A media campaign valued at R3,5 Million - 150% Return on Investment

  • 127 Newspaper articles, local and national

  • Radio & TV appearances

  • 12 000+ Readers of our Microsoft Live posts - via satellite internet from Everest Base Camp

  • Almost R100 000 raised for cancer related causes


This time around I am excited to see how far this campaign will go. In 2009 Facebook was in its infancy - but now with several social platforms and people's evolved culture of participation and crown funded generous mentality, who knows how much of a difference we can make?


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